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A Resounding "No Means No" - YES!

Updated: May 1, 2020

We're thrilled to report that at 1:30 AM this morning, the Walnut Creek City Council voted unanimously, 5 to 0, to deny Hall Equities appeal of the Planning Commission's decision to deny a Conditional Use Permit for a drive-thru at 2nd Ave and N. Main.

We want to thank everyone who showed up to show their support for this decision, everyone who walked their neighborhood gathering signatures, and everyone who signed the petition and wrote letters and emails telling our city representatives, once again, that this is NOT an appropropriate location for a drive-thru establishment.

We want to express again our deep appreciation for the hours and hours of work that the design review and planning commissioners put into this project, as well as the tireless efforts of the residents and area businesses who kept showing up at hearing after hearing to be heard.

We also want to thank each member of the city council, who did their homework on this issue, and who listened and considered the impact of their decision last night. We will not soon forget that last night they did indeed demonstrate what it means to be a "representative" for the people of Walnut Creek. What's next? After a brief respite to celebrate and appreciate our tremendous group of Larkey neighbors, we're going to regroup and start to work on other ways we can enhance and improve our neighborhood and our connections to each other. We want to find things that we can say YES to for the future!

While this final-final-final decision has been over two years in the making and started as a result of neighbors coming together to defeat an In-n-Out on this location, the good that has come from forming LPNU has been so much more. We've met our neighbors and have come to respect and admire their tireless (well, ok, we admit, we are really tired) commitment to this area, and to their families and our Larkey community. We intend to turn this NO decision to a drive-thru into many more YES decisions in the future.

  • YES to safer streets and improved traffic conditions for cars, pedestrians, and bikes

  • YES to sensible community focused development and clearing up unsightly abandoned lots and buildings.

  • YES to holding developers accountable to the impact of their projects and insisting they engage the local community before charging ahead to the city

  • YES to finding fun and engaging ways to meeting our neighbors and doing things that benefit our community together.


Media coverage of our latest victory


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