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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

The notices posted haven't been seen on site by anyone of the neighbors (did someone tear them down?) and the city's website doesn't show it, but...

Amy's/Sherwin Williams/Masses N. Main project is on the agenda for this coming Thursday December 19 at 7 pm and we need you to show up and and once again, let your voices be heard. Because we didn't have a lot of notice about this -- just confirmed with city staff today -- if you want to write a letter, again, to express your concerns about this development being granted a CUP (conditional use permit) for a drive-thru business, and you want to get it in the packet to the planning commissioners prior to the meeting, you need to write today or tomorrow.


Here's the email to send your emails to.

Reference: Application Y19-055 Amy's Drive-Thru Planning Commission Meeting 12.19.19


All the previous comments submitted on this development will be included in the packets, but we want to make sure the planning commissioners know that this is still a BIG issue for the neighborhood and we are still very much opposed to a drive-thru that impacts the safety and traffic in, around, and through our residential neighborhood.

Last, but certainly not least, if you can please plan on showing up and speaking for 1 to 3 minutes about why you oppose a drive-thru that impacts the Larkey Park neighborhood -- your neighborhood.

The meeting is THURSDAY 12.19.19

7 pm at City Hall.

The design review commission has NOT made a positive recommendation to the planning commission. They want to know if the planning commission will be granting the developer a CUP -- which Amy's/Hall needs to have in order to operate at drive-thru at this location. So this is an important meeting. The planning commission can grant or deny a CUP (conditional use permit), design review can not.

This meeting is not about the food, it's not about cool design of the building or roof, it's not about the internal flow of the traffic.

This planning commission meeting on 12.19.19 is about whether or not this development should be given a permit to operate a drive-thru.

The planning commissioners need to hear your concerns about traffic, congestion, and safety for our neighborhood. Many of the planning commissioners, like the design review commissioners, are also concerned about these things, so we need to just keep letting them know that we, the people who live on and off 2nd Ave are oppose a drive-thru establishment that makes 2nd Ave become a commercial avenue or created access and safety issues in and around our homes.

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