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2011 Walnut Creek Traffic Engineers say "no problem" RE: Chick-Fil-A - Ha!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This video clip is the 50 minute mark from the 2011 Planning Commission meeting found in it's entirely here:

Walnut Creek Traffic Engineers say there will be "no problem" RE: Chick-Fil-A and 24 Hour Fitness backing up on N. Main. It will NEVER back up on to N. Main. "There will be plenty of gaps in traffic."

"During the busiest period...there will be no back-up on to N. Main or even on-site queueing." "we projected a 3 or 4 car queue lane"...

We now know this was absolutely inaccurate.

How wrong were the city and Hall traffic engineers?

Below the 2011 video is a video taken by one of our neighbors leaving their house off 2nd Ave couple of weeks ago. Look at how far the traffic backs up on N. Main on the Chick-Fil-A /24 Hour Fitness side of N. Main. This video is TYPICAL, not the exception, but the rule.

2nd Ave is NOT the "fix" for the traffic issues created by the stupidly designed intersection at Treat/Geary. Nor is our residential street, without sidewalks and lights, the "safety" value N. Main commuters who don't want to sit in that mess. Fix the issues created in 2011 Walnut Creek! The Larkey Park neighborhood already pays the price of traffic planning mistakes at other Hall developments (Sprouts and Chick-Fil-A) getting into and out of our neighborhood. Don't use OUR residential street to cover up for the issues of the past!

How's this for "no impact"? A typical mess on N. Main going toward Treat/Geary.

We don't want ANY more of this traffic coming down 2nd Ave - a residential street!

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