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Design Review Hearing this WEDNESDAY Sept 4th 7 pm

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hello Larkey Park Neighbors:

The official city agenda is posted for the meeting of the design review committee this Wednesday. See the link below.

Amy's is the second item on the agenda and the developer is seeking to get a positive recommendation on their "revised" plan.

As far as we're concerned, the revisions are minimal and DO NOT address the many issues that were pointed out, even by the commissioners, at the last design review/planning commission joint hearing. Or the many issues we have been pointing out for the past two years about a drive-thru at this location. There are many concerns (see the link to letters below summarizing the biggest ones), but at this point the largest issue for the Larkey Park neighborhood is that vehicles are still being pushed onto and down 2nd Ave and pulled off N. Main onto 2nd Ave. This is a significant traffic concern and a real safety issue for all who live, work, drive and walk in with our children and pets in our residential neighborhood.

Again, we are not against Amy's per se. We are against a drive-thru at this location. And as we indicated in our last update, we were even prepared to reluctantly accept a drive-thru at this very cramped and under-parked location IF ALL the entrances and exits were from N. Main -- a commercial thoroughfare.

This project is being rushed through by the developer and Amy's hoping the neighborhood is fatigued, frustrated, and willing to overlook the very obvious issues with this development. But what's the rush really?

Let's not give up now!

Share this with your neighbors and

Please show up Wednesday voice your concerns heard - again!

It's best to be there in person and have your 3 minutes to tell the commissioners how you feel. If you can, please also send your thoughts to the following officials.

The most important address to write to is the Planning Office:

The assigned City Planner is Alan Carreon

HIs number is (925) 943-5899 x221

It couldn't hurt to CC the planning office general email at

A CUP (Conditional Use Permit) for a drive-thru will likely also need to be approved by the City Council, so they should be well aware of all our concerns as well.

Matt Francois:

Loella Haskew:

Kevin Wilk:

Justin Wedel:

Cindy Silva:

Mayor/General City Council:

Here is an condensed and easy to copy/paste list of all the emails above:,,,,,,,

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