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Press Release: THANK YOU Hall Equities

Updated: Mar 5, 2020



Dan Angius, spokesperson

Patty Mitchell, communications lead


From: Larkey Park Neighbors United

Newly Formed Neighborhood Group THANKS Developer for Stopping Plans For In-n-Out on N. Main Street in Walnut Creek, CA

Larkey Park Neighbors United is eager to shift focus to planning and collaborating with City Officials and Developers on new plan

Walnut Creek, CA, April 27, 2017:

Grassroots neighborhood group, Larkey Park Neighbors United, was surprised and pleased to learn yesterday via a press release that local developer, Hall Equities Group, had announced the withdrawal of their application to the City of Walnut Creek for a conditional use permit, allowing a drive-thru for In-n-Out and Starbucks at their 2nd Ave and North Main property.

Just 30 days ago, Larkey Park Neighbors United was formed in opposition to this development when local residents near the development, who did not know each other before, came together to sign petitions, create and purchase flyers, canvass the neighborhood door-to-door, build a website, reach out to area businesses, write letters to city officials, and research the issues created by the proposed development.

In meetings prior to forming the group and in online forums like Nextdoor and Facebook, neighbors expressed great concern around increased and worsening traffic and congestion that would arise by placing a popular drive-thru business like In-n-Out at the entrance to their residential neighborhood. They also expressed concerns about over saturation of fast food in the area and a lack of collaborative and thoughtful planning for this northern most stretch of N. Main street.

While concerned about the unsightly and run down condition of the current buildings on the proposed development site, area residents overwhelmingly rejected Hall Equities plan to place an In-n-Out drive-thru, plus a Starbuck drive-thru, plus office buildings and a restaurant on the site.

  • As of today over 720 people signed an online petition opposing the plan

  • A poll taken on Nextdoor Larkey Park showed 90% opposition to the development

  • Over 150 people subscribed to the newsletter updates on the project at

  • Dozens of emails and letters were sent to city officials and to In-n-Out

Dan Angius, a homeowner who, with his wife and two young children, lives immediately behind the development site, said as spokesperson for Larkey Park Neighbors United, “We’re grateful that Hall Equities heard our concerns, took them seriously, and decided to look at other development options for 2nd & North Main”.

“We’re eager to work with Hall, and with the City of Walnut Creek, on a new proposal that both meets the investment needs of the developer and recognizes that, while zoned for commercial use, this lot sits right in our backyard. 2nd Ave at N. Main serves are the gateway into the Larkey Park neighborhood and we want to make certain whatever goes there makes sense for the neighborhood as well as the developers”, Angius is quoted as saying.

While formed spontaneously in opposition to Hall Equities In-n-Out plan for 2nd & N. Main Street, Larkey Park Neighbors United is here to stay. We will now focus our efforts on representing the best interests of the residents of this area with the City of Walnut Creek and with any developers or stakeholders interested in collaborative planning and sustainable growth for Northwest Walnut Creek.

We want to thank Hall Equities for their stated commitment to Walnut Creek and their intention of bringing a new proposal to the table for the site that “will be a low impact good neighbor”.

We are eager to take Mark Hall up on his stated “desire work with area residents…to shape developments that suit the needs and personalities of the community.”

We will be reaching out to them today to ask to begin those conversations about what comes next for 2nd & North Main.

Larkey Park Neighbors United will also be reaching out to officials at the City of Walnut Creek to open discussions about long-term plans for this area that are consistent with the city’s General Plan and development goals for all Walnut Creek.



We especially want to thank the local news reporters for their coverage. Without it, this would have not happened!

It's great when there's a happy ending to a story like this. We're happy that the decision by the developers to end this particular plan came so quickly. The reaction from neighborhood residents has been surprise and delight!

One of our steering committee members said that this quote seemed to be appropriate for the circumstances.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not."

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

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