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Lead Story Tonight on 6pm ABC 7 News!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

We lead the 6 pm news tonight on ABC 7!

Thanks so much for being such a great spokesperson for the cause Dan!

Hey neighborhood supporters: scrambling to get prepped for this interview today, we were reminded to let all the supporters of Larkey Park Neighbors United know that we're just starting to get organized and just beginning to take action steps toward achieving our collective goal.

But, even though we're still getting plans and resources in place, we want to try, as much as possible, to speak with a unified voice.

So if you happen to have an opportunity to speak to the media, or any of the stakeholders (like the developer or city officials), about this project, and if you want to talk to them as individuals, go right ahead. Let your voice be heard!

But it would be helpful to the overall goals of this initiative if you did not reach out to the media without checking in with us. It's especially important that you not speak on behalf of the Larkey Park Neighbors United group.

If any member of the media would like a statement or a comment from this group, please just ask them to email

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