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Larkey Park Neighbors United (LPNU) is a group of residents who live around Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, California. We're volunteers and neighbors, not "activists" who came together in 2017 when a developer decided that 2nd Ave, the main exit and entrance to our quiet residential area, would be a good spot for an In-n-Out Drive-Thru. We love our neighborhood and said NO.

In-n-Out pulled out of the project and the development promised to work with the neighborhood to assure the next plan for their dilapidated lot would benefit the neighborhood. 


In 2019, the same developer, without any communication with us, decided to try again to place a fast food drive-thru establishment too close the neighborhood that we love. Again we banded together, stronger than ever, to say NO to a drive-thru. Although it took a lot more effort this time, we again prevailed to protect our neighborhood. 


Now in 2020 we're turning our attention to better things and are in the process of forming a neighborhood association to continue to advocate for our neighborhood and make meaningful real connections to our neighbors. Stay tuned for more details coming soon! 


Draft mission:

LPNU's mission is to improve and enhance the safety, enjoyment and overall livability of the Larkey Park neighborhood by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and meaningful connections between residents in the neighborhood, government agencies, city staff and resources, officials, businesses, and other adjacent Walnut Creek neighborhoods. 


Our neighborhood association provides an open process by which members can actively and positively involve themselves in neighborhood activities, local development, and quality of life issues. 

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